This is the most popular traditional dish in Brittany.
The « Kig » (=meat) is salted pork and the « farz »(=cereal pudding) is a batter made with buckweat flour which is boiled for 2 hours in a cotton bag.

Meat and vegetables

Boil the salted pork for 50 minutes in a pressure cooker  with thyme, bay leaves and 5 cloves.
Then add the vegetables (carrots, leeks, potatoes, turnips, onions and parsnips). Cook under pressure for another 10 minutes.

For the « farz »

500g of buckweat flour
2 eggs
20cl of cream
1 glass of milk
salt and water

Mix the buckweat flour, eggs, cream and salt in a bowl. Stir, adding water gradually until the batter runs from the spoon into a smooth ribbon.

Put the batter into a wet cotton bag. Tie it with a coton string. Boil the bag for two hours.
When cooked, put the bag on a table, open it and roll it (carefull, it’s hot, use a kitchen towel  to avoid burning your fingers).  The « farz » will come out as a dark  crumbly semolina. Put this in a dish as you go  and carry on until the bag is empty.

Serve the meat, the vegetables and the « farz »  like on the photo. (The « farz » is the brown stuff on the right). The only way to fight off the damp Breton winter ! Enjoy…

Le Kig ha farz